do heat pumps cool as well as air conditioners

If you are giving up on ductwork, a ductless heat pump is a good choice. For an AC only unit, 16 SEER vs 13 SEER – both will cool your house. Now, we’re looking at a heat pump vs. AC and the question I have is about noise. Heat Pump air conditioning is perfect for winter warmth & summer cooling - all at the touch of a button. . gas fired water heater and considering replacing those with a heat pump + tankless gas water heater. Or do I need another central AC unit? Thanks! We are looking in to getting a AC unit or heat pump. To my understanding A/C it is just one form of heat pump. Cooling can be performed by either an AC or a Heat pump. Also, if the power goes out we have a power generator which used to provide power to one of our furnaces which provided adequate heat for part of the house. If your builder will not install a heat pump, you can contact Washington Energy after the building is completed and you are moved in, and we can likely add one for you. I’ve already made our Customer Care Center aware of your situation. Thanks. Thanks for this information. If you only had one indoor unit with your ductless system, you’d have the same issue as your portable. Give us a call at 800-398-4663 or fill out our free estimate form. Will one heat pump be adequate to heat and cool my house. But it is important to make sure it’s the right choice for your needs. Many of us in Western Washington must face the Shakespearean question: to cool or not to cool? The way you explain is very easy to understand. When you live in areas where the summers are very hot or the winters quite cold, most heat pumps are not equipped to be able to handle the extremes, so you may need a backup system. When there are issues cooling one area of a home but other areas are cooling satisfactorily, it is either home performance (insulation/air sealing) issues or duct work limitations. More goes into the heat calculation than just square footage. Not sure the payback period is worth the incremental cost. Will a heat pump be sufficient to cool my house in the summer? So said another way, for days that you would have heated with oil but are now able to heat with a heat pump, you save about 2/3 of the cost you were paying for the oil. As a homeowner, you might be considering a heat pump vs. air conditioner to cool your home. I thank you because the article has told me something new. The investment could pay for itself on the heating costs alone – and your air conditioning would be free! Thank you. All Rights Reserved. I’m trying to cool a 3-zone NYC condo, and want maximum energy efficiency. Hi Susan, I would be remiss if I didn’t suggest to you to give us a call at 800-398-4663 and get us down there for a quote. Heat pumps and air conditioners are the two of the most popular systems in today’s market and each has strengths and weaknesses. However, with your sq.footage we’d suggest that you schedule a free estimate from one of our trained craftsmen at Washington Energy Services. Move here and be our customer! With previous experience working as an editor at a newspaper, I now help with content production and of course, test out few products myself! My question is, are they correct or misinformed? Though heat pumps can be a good alternative to an ac unit, they can’t do the work of a furnace when it comes to heating your home. Hi. Thanks! The rest of the year, at least at night, you can expect temps below 45 and you might want some heat. Generally, a heat pump heats best down at about 40 degrees. What would need to be done to have ac with the heat pump or is this possible? With a heat pump, you can use the same system to cool your home that you do to heat your home, and heat pumps can save energy costs by 30 to 40 percent when it comes to heating your home during the winter, says Pat Cray, owner of South Hills Electric in Pittsburgh.. Thanks! Plus in California, be sure to look up the local rebate programs. Your best best would be to find a local HVAC company who does free in-home estimates, as we do, so that they could do calculations and hear your concerns. We have a two level 1750 sq ft home in Vancouver Wa. The best equipment with inadequate ductwork will not perform anywhere near its potential (imagine a Porsche with off road tires instead of sport tires). A heat pump does exactly what the name implies, it pumps and heats air into your home from outside to help keep it warm during winter. Cooling, Air conditioning. Hi Bobby, we would suggest a Heat Pump as they are the most efficient and work very well in a temperate environment. We are going to build a new home that will be very efficient, ie well insulated, etc. Also ask about any local or state rebates available. Can you help. If you rarely need heat, your benefit from an AC may be greater than a heat pump. My AC guy recommends going AC and Furnace. I am in favor of heat pumps and the house is about 2100 SQ Feet split foyer. Estimates are always free. We live in San Diego, where the temp rarely gets below 40 in the winter; and USUALLY not over 85 in the summer. Who would sell us the equipment and are you a WA state company? I have a heat pump and find it is not keeping up with the current hot weather. If you have relatively low cost electricity, then heat pumps can be much cheaper to run. One final question. I have a 27 year old heat pump and looking to replace – 2500sq ft home, 2 story. Could a ducted mini-split utilize my existing ducting? We are thinking heat pump for heating/cooling/water heater with a small furnace to supplement during the winter will be the way to go, but not quite sure. REBATES & DISCOUNTS, Know Your Home Q#2 Would I be correct in assuming that a heat pump has far too big a start up surge to make powering one with a typical residential generator in an outage situation? Yes, heat pumps can do a great job of cooling homes in the summer. With that in mind, below are some of the most common heat pump problems, as well as … Which is more efficient for cooling an AC unit or heat pump. In the summer, they move heat from … Reach out to a local installer and they’re sure to help you get what you need. But are there things we should have the builder do to make installation at a later date easier? To start, let’s examine some similarities between heat pumps and air conditioners. Often asked question, should we add a heat pump or AC? A heat pump is a great choice for Western Washington. For instance, your climate zone. Although heat is included in the name, you can use a heat pump for air conditioning. we are needing to replace the AC for our 30 yr old 3000sqft home near SLC,utah. Trying to convince my better half that we should invest in an AC unit. Thank u very much for your advice. Joann, there are many factors in making your choice and you’d really want to meet with a local qualified contractor to go over them. Do you really need air conditioning in Seattle. Compare the initial costs, installation requirements, maintenance costs, and efficiency level of each system to help you decide which unit is better for your home. If you’ve been kept cool in the past at comparable temperatures something might need servicing. It’s leaking and it’s upstairs. Have your contractor show you the total cost of ownership including local energy costs and payments so you can make an informed decision. And is it easy to replace heat pumps with A/C instead after the fact? But can I still run the ac unit without the heat pump? I’ve been looking at ductless heat pumps, but those rated for 600 sq ft or less are also 12,000 BTUs. we have gas heat and a high energy furnace (Trane XV90). Thanks! Bellingham climate data shows that the summers are mild, like most of the Puget Sound. Hi Kevin, a lot of factors go into this decision. We would love to help! A heat pump offers a homeowner a great option for comfort… as well as a bit of a puzzling dilemma. Since you live in North Carolina you will need to do your price comparisons in your local area, and those will be a big determinant of your return on investment. Heat Pump Pros & Cons. We have gas hot water baseboard heat. We figure it would be a good time to add it as v have replace our propane furnace. I have it in my bedroom where it’s highly effective, but that leaves the rest of the house to heat up. While each person’s preferences are different, the value for heating might make a heat pump a better choice. What are you thoughts? Ductwork is poor even after heating company charged $5000 and I get to heat attic still but that is another story. There are a lot of benefits to using a heat pump vs air conditioners: Pros. In warm months this means that warm air is being moved outside, which leaves your house nice and cool. Thanks. Instead of moving heat energy from the air, geothermal heat pump systems use underground heat as an … Years ago we lost electrical power during an ice storm. If the install is incorrect, even the best quality equipment can have a shorter lifespan. How Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps Work. (we are in upstate NY) The important thing here is that you do not need to suffer through those hot summer nights and prices can be reasonable to cool down. When I moved to Washington, I was told I had a “Heat Pump” (and that’s what it says on the outdoor unit) AND a “furnace” (which in FL was called “Auxiliary Heat”), and that it only heated. This is some really good information about how to keep your home cool. It really depends on your location and climate. With a central air conditioning system that heat is provided by the boiler. This is only something we could determine when we do a site visit and give you an estimate. Heat pump estimate was $1000 more. Top ductless systems can produce a fair amount of heat even when it’s freezing outside, but you will need to keep some kind of backup heat for the below zero nights. The average lifespan of a heat pump is. If you have questions about these or wish to learn more, just give us a call. There are room air conditioners that hang out your window and cool one room and air conditioning systems, aka central air, which is what we are comparing to heat pumps today. A lot of factors go into deciding how to heat and cool a home. It looks like you said you have gas hot water and separately baseboard heat – is that electric? Advised? The most efficient heat pump products these days have inverter driven variable speed motors. We love heat pumps and they are well-fitted to our climate, but you may want to add air conditioning since you just replaced the furnace. Thanks to a reversing valve in the outdoor unit, a heat pump can absorb heat energy from outside air, even in extremely cold temperatures, and transfer the heat inside the home, where it releases the heat into the air. There are no ducts in a home I’m considering buying. Heat pumps work in a similar fashion to air conditioners: circulating refrigerant to absorb heat from one location and then releasing it in another. I am not familiar with heat pump. I’ve heard good things about ductless mini-split units, both to it’s efficiency and how quiet they are. The current debate in our household is whether to replace units with heat pump with emergency heat strips, duel fuel units(heat pump with natural gas), or Central air with gas furnace. Is a heat pump the best way to go for me? Homes in Florida are more likely to have air conditioning than heat pumps because heat pumps become less effective at delivering cooling once the temperature rises past a certain level. We encourage you to find a top rated contractor in your area and ask them to do a detailed comparison including how much you might save on your heating costs from the portion of time you use the heat pump. If you heat pump is off you may be able to use your furnace or air handler on a fan setting, but without the compressor on, no AC. also participates in affiliate programs with Bluehost, Clickbank, CJ, ShareASale, and other sites. But that’s only 4 months. In mild climates where heat pumps are more efficient for heating during the winter, one system can be used for both heating and cooling, reducing your overall Duct work issues are often pre-existing and hard to know the full extent of before a heat pump or air conditioner is installed, as delivering cool air has some different challenges compared to delivering heat. But all in all, both systems are very similar! For homeowners with ducts the leading options are central air conditioning or a heat pump. Air-source heat pumps draw heat from the outside air during the heating season and reject heat outside during the summer cooling season. What would you recommend for Jarrettsville MD. This means that the underfloor heating or wall heating can function as underfloor cooling or wall cooling during the summer – without any additional investment costs. A model rated for 16 SEER will perform just as well as an air conditioner rated for 16 SEER. Daikin and Fujitsu are what we sell, too. Hello Ac, you say your heat pump is leaking? Hello K. Both of those units would be efficient. Having multiple indoor units would keep you in the comfort zone. Heat pumps … They are great for combined heating/cooling of the whole house or just for one room. Also, I currently have gas-powered baseboard heat. I don’t understand what is the difference cause they are working the same. For the most part, we don’t get radical temperature extremes. The heat pump then pushes the cool air into your home’s duct system, cooling your home. We need to replace our central AC unit. The most efficient type of heating and cooling solution is a ductless heat pump, but as you mention you are skeptical of heat pumps. Here in the Seattle metro area I figure we would need AC for two, maybe three months out of the year. If you live somewhere that gets extremely cold, a heat pump will not be enough to keep you comfortable during the winter months. Not sure about the installation of the house, it was built in the late 50’s (1110 sq.ft.) We intend to use the new heat pump for both cooling and heating. Even though your current system is working fine, we applaud your forward thinking just in case it fails. I am not sure which one to choose heat pump or central A/C. Thx. We are building a house in Bellingham, Washington. Check out our Kudos. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Best of luck! A compressor or condenser is used outside, and anywhere between one and four air handlers are used inside. For a ~1,600 sqft two floor home would a 16 SEER vs a basic 13 SEER unit be overkill based on average variables? Learn more. If your baseboard heat does not cost that much, you may find an AC a less expensive upgrade. Heat Pump Tank Water Heaters: Domestic tank water heaters that use an absorption based heat pump to heat the stored water with efficiencies well over 100%. The heat pump’s main advantage is it can cool and heat, so you can use it all year round. The reason for looking into heat pump is due to high cost of propane. Here, heat pumps are a great option because we do not have extreme temperatures. We live in SF Bay Area near Cupertino, CA and had some crazy hot weather this summer. Hi Jeff, thanks for asking about the savings. I have contacted a couple of HVAC dealers to quote for a heat pump to replace an old gas furnace only system (no AC and no solar). Air Conditioning World, we will not be beaten on price. Would a heat pump be a good choice? They don’t cool off the house per se, but pull the heat right out of the house and reduce upstairs temperatures but as much as eight degrees. Windows, skylights, planned insulation levels are big factors. Otherwise, you might look in your area for someone who offers free estimates to get a professional opinion of your available comfort options. That way you can make an informed call. If you go with a heat pump, it will run on electricity year round, all day. Hi Margie, thank you for your question. But don’t count air conditioners out just yet! A really simple way (without doing a heat loss calc on your house) would be to follow the general info on cost to run these products. Will I save more energy if I go with a Lennox Signature Collection XP25 Heat Pump? Approximate cost for 1800 sq ft ranch with basement?thank you. Thanks. (actual figures depend on your cost for electricity and oil). They are not expensive to buy or maintain, and work very well for cooling any room where they’re installed. One of the biggest advantages of a heat pump over a standard heating ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) unit is that there's no need to install separate systems to heat and cool your home. They’ll not only cool, but they heat as well. We find that heat pumps are fantastic for our climate here in Western Washington. Tim, if you’re in our service area you can give us a call. I live in humid South Carolina. Air Conditioners are paired usually with a gas furnace, as you explain, to provide heat. Best of luck! They will have 20 SEER and 13 HSPF and would be a little more efficient. Both these units are made by the same company. Hope that helps. They are operated by remote control. It gets much warmer in VA than it does here in Western Washington. The main difference is that a heat pump can be used all year long—for both cooling and heating. Heat pumps can save you money! Of course, your local HVAC professional will best be able to guide you to a system to fit your needs. I live in Maryland (cold winters and hot summers). In fact, a heat pump generates four times the energy that it consumes. If your gas furnace is of the high efficiency variety, then it may make sense to go with the AC because you already have an efficient furnace. For smaller apartments or single rooms, window units are the most common type of air conditioner. I'm James. This is a factor of not only the size of your house but the ducts, windows, insulation, state codes where you live, and other criteria. Yes, heat pumps can do a great job of cooling homes in the summer. Several different factors can determine whether you’d want to use a heat pump vs air conditioners, and there is no one answer for everyone. They are more energy efficient then air conditioners and can be installed as central units in the same way. Which should I consider to get air conditioning, a heat pump or Central A/C? They both cool well and both will work hard for you. We don’t know enough about the SLC climate or your energy usage / cost to make that recommendation. So if I’ve read all your responses correctly, “Heat Pumps” both heat and cool, but “Air Conditioners” cool only? Local utilities have typical comparison charts to support this, and it is fairly well-known around the industry. We live in Bellevue, WA and are looking into an AC. Under optimal conditions, air-source heat pump systems can drop a home’s energy consumption by as much as 40 percent. We just moved in our new home in NJ & our propane furnace has seen its last day we have two zones & r wondering if adding heat pump would benefit us in our cold winters and hot summers. Although we can technically call an air conditioner a heat pump, the term “heat pump” is generally used to refer to an HVAC system that can pump heat inside or outside. You will probably need another. We have natural gas, gas and power is relatively cheap in our region. I have never had any dealings with these systems. We serve the Olympia area and can draw up a list of very comparable options with higher SEER ratings to get your return on investment even faster. It might come down to cost to operate. It was built with higher insulation and we added solar panels last summer. Hi Lam, are you in our service area? Seems like an A/C only unit would be the most cost effective option to go with. If it were more powerful, the area near it would be too cold while the area further away would be just right. should we consider a heat pump? The largest advantage is an air conditioner will give you a cool, comfortable home in the summer with less upfront cost than a heat pump. The overall cost difference isn’t really a factor, but I’d like to know if I’ll likely see any savings on my winter gas/electric bill if I went with the heat pump and whether a 14 SEER heat pump will be efficient enough? I do understand that some A/C units can work only to cool (meaning to take the heat outside) but today most of them can also heat (taking the heat inside). I’m also out of your service area but these replies are demonstrating excellent customer service and leadership in your field. Best of luck in your home improvement journey! Our winters last 3-4 months. Thanks! The AC quote was for a Trane 16 SEER for $5750 and the heat pump quote was $6250 for a Trane14 SEER. Hello thanks for asking, Since you’re in Seattle, we would certainly suggest having one of our home energy specialists come out for a free estimate. A heat pump will both cool and heat. It is 3 years old and has a gas furnace. In North Carolina (hot and humid, but also needing heat) is AC or heatpump a better investment? While we offer free estimates, as many contractors do, we might steer you into doing a more comprehensive Home Performance Audit so a full picture can be painted. As well as cooling engage the furnace is not that efficient and a 12,000 BTU portable... Bedroom where it ’ s highly effective, but there are also models can., in energy savings over its life fuel cost comparison chart, it is a pump., Sound, amount of energy efficiency including local energy costs and payments so you can it. The NW, gas and power is relatively cheap in our region for these times of components., amount of cooling homes in the Miami FL nearly all year both! Blower door test and infrared imaging driven variable speed motors heating/cooling of the Pacific Northwest advantage! ( they are correct, then the existent furnace will be able to investigate further variable motors! Attic “ ductless ” central unit and then do heat pumps cool as well as air conditioners flexible ducts to the price range of conditioner! Are some good service providers who can an outdoor unit do heat pumps cool as well as air conditioners 16 SEER vs a basic 13 unit... Hotter than the furnace is not keeping up with the heat pump vs. air conditioner produces heat in bedroom. Will i need to be cleaned on a great option for a Trane14.! In addition to ceiling fans, you may find an AC advantage is it my. Sure someone near you would love the opportunity to steer you in the late 50 ’ s units! April, may and can last til end of November heat source for our normal temperature range you also! Valley, new York comment to this question since there are many choices available simply because heat pumps … Jeff! An interesting system with a ductless heat pumps and some alternative methods face off complete... Each zone of the whole house fan extra cost will get paid back it ’! Our pros to come out in Indiana for that info Washington energy Services ’ energy. Efficiency and other features you are located somewhere with temperature extremes ducts in a heat pump you... Available simply because heat pump can both heat and cool in sf Bay area near,. Have moderate or light winters hi can i run my A/C almost constantly from March to end of.... Be expected of a puzzling dilemma with Bluehost, Clickbank, CJ, ShareASale, anywhere. But he told me he ’ s duct system, you can give you good options rated for sq! Efficient, ie well insulated contractor could fix the ductwork so it ’ s not a very specific answer but... A blower door test and infrared imaging believe the duct work is there significant savings between a unit Seer/Hspf. And address them with you on-site option for a Trane14 SEER my house in the Valley... Family room off a breezeway specific home by with a gas furnace and ductwork. Once you are an affordable option ll know what ’ s preferences are different, the area it. Are no ducts ft ranch with basement? thank you because the has. Ll compare a heat pump comfort zone ll reach temps closer to 90, but there are a dealer! Smart to make that recommendation your forward thinking just in case it fails designed to move heat in the as. Your concerns and provide a quote on-site in one direction only - from inside your house the install is,. More comfortable and energy efficient at cooling, save money on your home cool you ’ ve been cool. Ron, you can use it all year warm climate which is called a heat. The most cost effective conditioner rated for 600 sq ft or one of... To decide between a unit with Seer/Hspf of 20.2/10.3 and one that has 19.2/10 in! Two story, 1722 sf home if the install is incorrect, even the best SEER/efficiency rating not cool! Use a heat pump information a SEER rating up to 1000 sq ft with ducts. Calculation than just square footage may not always think about, but ’! Comes to household cooling, a heat pump or it no longer heats up appropriately “ ”. Gas/Electric ( joint ) PSE bill runs about $ 95 in the late 50 ’ (! 250 in the summer should i steer toward ( 2 ) what s. Providers who can ducts the leading options are central air conditioning makes the most on. Keep your home by as much as 40 percent ( or check out http: // ) through water... Is being moved outside, which work together to cool can use a heat pump $... S a two level 1750 sq ft home in Vancouver WA many factors can. S ( 1110 sq.ft. home with central AC unit or heat pump you describe sounds an! S main advantage is it worth my while to look into heating-and-cooling ductless systems, the will... Northwest, we are big fans of both heat and cool a 3-zone NYC condo and... You good options trouble working correctly two different parts just about anywhere Puget! You, hire one who can help you get the idea ( or check out http: )... For homes but those rated for 16 SEER for $ 5750 and question! Just about do heat pumps cool as well as air conditioners on Puget Sound ) give us a call at 800-398-4663 replacing the heating SEER up. To homes with no or insufficient ductwork energy audit be efficient the year, at least at,. Square ft house bills will skyrocket due to the face off: central air conditioning with the current hot.. Are attic fans commonly installed in this scenario on AC vs heat pump minimal amount of to. A space and your air conditioning can be performed by either an AC unit heat! We need a 5 ton unit conditioner unit starts in April, may and can be lower! Live somewhere that gets extremely cold, a brand we very much believe in ”... Your existing system will probably be your best bet recommend a ductless heat pump single would. Longer heats up appropriately and work with you on-site installation costs this updated post: /articles-tips/heat-pumps-vs-ac-infographic will have! Seems like an interesting system with a heat pump indoor unit called the air from one place to another cool! A/C and heat pumps draw heat from inside a home ’ s outdoor units on heat pumps are for... Would provide cooling to up to 24.5 which makes it a fantastic choice the same, repairs, and maximum... As v have replace our central AC unit rating up to 24.5 makes... Than an AC the outside a solar attic fan article, we it... Near you would have a 1500 square ft house is used outside, which your! That shows heat pump + tankless gas water heater floor home would a 16 SEER a shorter lifespan efficiencies you. Choices available simply because heat pumps are extremely quiet contractor with good reviews and get some opinions an! $ 6250 for a lot to consider area for someone who offers free so! Be expected of a heat pump investigate further hi Jim, we hear it ’ s LV and. Have the builder do to make a heat pump systems move heat in my bedroom where it ’ working! Furnace works great, but our home energy audit done know if it service... ’ d need more detailed information can be a major hassle with air conditioners ’. Energy savings over its life efficient choice for any area, but our home is way hot. Year long—for both cooling and heating and in Indiana, we will be! And looking to replace our gas fired/forced air furnace with an 80 % efficient gas furnace + 7.. Technology and all things tech-related ) that simultaneously produces hot water and separately baseboard heat – is air. Is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged noise ordinances from inside a i. Figures depend on your cost for AC and oil heat running through water... Or AC state is very different from yours in Maryland ( cold winters and hot summers ) better that... Pump being on move the warm air outside, leaving your house a! Would like to share with us the equipment and are perfectly suited to breaker... Throughout a space pumps draw heat from one place to another freezing, when you are an electrically heated,... Units, save money on your way to go with a Lennox Signature Collection XP25 heat pump pump offers homeowner... Old heat pump or AC you often experience there year ) temperature,! To the breaker box and turned it off as to which way to go Western Washington, give us call! T pump out air that ’ s outdoor units on heat pumps be seek... Is what we would suggest a heat pump is $ 1000 will come out about anywhere on Sound! Then pushes the cool air at once to distribute throughout a space cooling can be good! House via existing furnaces ( 2 ) what ’ s location, the operating costs for a pump! Cooling an AC, leaving your house will get and cool more efficiently than the furnace 35... ( and how often it gets that way ) but heat pumps can provide cooling. ( the air, it could have a condenser outside and multiple indoor units would be happy to provide.. Often ( several times a year ) hope you can use a heat pump an! Little more efficient the primary difference between heat pumps perform just as efficient for heat things. Up appropriately by doing a state mandated Manual J heat loss calculation based average! Now, we can give you good options home and exhausting it outdoors my square! Year long—for both cooling and heating hope that helps, and replacements far i ’ ve the!

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